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Good news, lovers of deep space and groovy music – the debut book by rising sci-fi star Sheldon Rogers has finally been released: Captain Avery – the Galactic Bank Heist, Volume 1.

It’s a science fiction space opera set in the distant past before the Earth was inhabited by mankind. Captain Avery is preparing to become a Bounty Hunter and give up his previous life as a pirate, when a chance meeting with an old wingman changes his future forever.

Inspired by the book, Trademark have put together a double album of our music to add to the atmosphere called Captain Avery’s Radio. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be giving away both the individual tracks and two exclusive mixed albums so you can hit play and head off into hyperspace.

We were also very fortunate to work with the fantastic illustrator Sam Mclaughlan who provided some inspired artwork for the double album. To purchase an album and see Sam’s artwork in its full glory just send an email to studio*at* CDs are only £10 including postage.

Enjoy the tracks – more to follow soon.


The full tracklisting:

Captain Avery’s Radio: CD1

1. Galactic Times

2. Metacognition

3. Denizen

4. Extropian

5. Osmosis

6. Tropic of Capricorn

7. Viper Wine

8. The Right Stuff

9. The Lifting

Captain Avery’s Soundtrack CD2

1. Space / Time

2. Minimal

3. Purity Control

4. Conway Park

5. Glass

6. Nexus 21

7. Contact Reality

8. Cold Fusion

9. Saturn In False Colour

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