About Trademark

1382016791_lThe Millennium. The dawn of the next 1,000 years. An awe-inspiring event that reverberated around the globe like a pulsating sine wave. And for two loop-digging, sample-hungry children of Detroit who by some bizarre twist of fate had grown up in a town on the south coast of England and not the Motor City itself, the build up to this event had been immense.

Undeterred by the geographical inconvenience of their origins and fascinated by the warm pads, the 909s and sounds of cosmic exploration emanating from the holy land of techno, Trademark launched themselves into a frenzy of music production. The heady, post-millennial days brought the duo into contact with musical missionaries on similar voyages and so Church was formed– a Saturday night where every week philosophical discussions about the nature of life, love and music could take place until the early hours, where the altar consisted of two 1210s and a mixer, and where you could play any track you liked so long as it was deep as hell and made you spurt. Grooves that prompted one Church-goer to observe that, ‘Man, this is so deep I’m gonna need a hot air balloon to get out.’ Crazy times, crazy people, crazy fun…

Driven by this lifelong, quasi-religious dedication to deepness the Trademark sound shows that no matter where you come from the music of Detroit is a universal language.

Even if you’re straight outta Guildford…

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