Cracking old mix by Dave Angel

Just came across this on YouTube – fantastic Essential Mix by Dave Angel from 1994. Brings back lots of memories (and a few teary eyes)..

Tracklisting below:


Ian Pooley – Twin Gods EP [Force Inc]
Infiniti – Game One [Metroplex]
Dave Angel – Keeping On [Blunted]
Love Inc – New Jack City Part Two [Force Inc]
Dave Angel – Arrival [Blunted]
Spira – Horizon And Beyond [Spira]
Eon – A Kind Of Living [Vinyl Solution]
Hardfloor – Fish & Chips [Harthouse]
The Advent – Call God [Internal]
iO – Eternal Sun [Cheap]
Claude Young – Demento [Utensil]
Patrick Pulsinger – Viagem [Disko B]
Spira – Disturbulance [Spira]
Tim Taylor & Dan Zamani – The Planet Of Drums [Planet Of Drums]
Love Inc – Cosmic Indifference [Force Inc]
Morgan Wild – Easter [Music Man]
Damon Wild & Tim Taylor – Bang The Acid [Synewave]
Nexus 6 – Ab-Chic [Noom]
Paul Hazel – Test Pattern [Rotation]
Sound Enforcer – Re-Enforcement I [Rising High]
The Pump Panel – To The Sky [Missile]
Dave Clarke – Red 2 [Bush]
Secret Cinema – Timeless Altitude (Hardfloor Remix) [Music Man]
Sven Van Hees – Planet Jupiter 6 [Global Cuts]
Sound Enforcer – Re-Enforcement II [Rising High]

Nov 20th, 2013
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